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About me


I was born and raised in Birštonas, Lithuania. From 2018, I became Birštonas city ambassador. Today I live and work in Vilnius. Vokologija classes take place in a very unique place called Lukiškės prison that is now many artists home. I have a cosy music studio there. 

My professional journey started more than 10 years ago. In collaboration with Baltic mobile recording studio, I have released two vinyl albums with CinAmono band. 

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From Autumn, 2021 I have created my very own podcast called Teramuzika. Here I talk about the art's impact on humans, improvise using voice and introduce listeners to music therapy.

7 years

Private teacher

3 years


3 years

Music teacher

2 years

Art Director of Theater

LMTA dėstytoja 

Šiuo metu


I have worked individually to teach singing and music to people of all ages;

I taught singing at the Department of Popular Music at Vilnius College;

I taught music at the Queen Martha General School;

Assisted professional actors in musical preparation and vocal training at the Lithuanian Russian Drama Theater.

Dėstau Lietuvos muzikos ir teatro akademijoje, Vaidybos ir režisūros katedroje.






Masterclass, Tallinn

Masterclass, LMTA


Conference, Aalborg


Master of Jazz Performing Arts.

Master of Music Therapy in Joint Program.

International Coaching Certificate

Exchange program studies at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater; completed training and masterclasses.

Estill Voice technique, level 1. (22 hours); Rhiannon, three days training, hands-on experience, Oslo.

Bobby Mcferrin Masterclass, Practical Experience, Tallinn;

Brian Melwin, Masterclass, Practical Experience, Tallinn.

Prof. Anne Liss Poll, master class, LMTA.

International Conference of Music Therapists, Alborge.


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