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I have been teaching vocal art for more than 10 years. I assist in the vocal journeys, discovering voice power through vocal technicalities. I use musical improvisation, sound creation methods to reach inner vigour, emotions, confidence and adoption. I noticed that often from childhood people live with the belief that they can’t sing. The phenomenon of singing itself is mystified and accepted as a natural gift. However, my practice shows otherwise, perhaps because I have a deep faith that if the human soul seeks to be heard through the voice I will be there to unleash it.


Individual Vokologija session

For voice sound training. 

1 hour = 45 €

Designed for leaders, authenticity  explorers, who wants to learn vocal mastery


Group Vokologija session

(from 2 to 4 participants)

1.5 hours = € 80

An ensemble singing, improvisation experience during which we practice creative spontaneity, learn to listen and be heard. 

Voice seminar


Ideal for team building or corporate event

2 hours = 450 €


Unique experience that unleash a sense of togetherness and create human connections through singing and playing therapeutic instruments. Learn to act in a group.

Inquire for an individual offer

During musical therapeutic experiences the most important thing is Your own needs, dreams and goals. 

Classes are held in Lukiškės 6, Vilnius

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